Rail Fault Monitoring in Real-Time


01 / Predictive

NiMs allows for real-time monitoring of electrical conditions in both AC and DC environments. This allows for predictive maintenance, reducing MRO costs for railway operators.

02 / Scalable

Individual NiMs modules are installed across the railway network and communicate across existing infrastructure. This allows for cost-effective implementation of the NiMs solution.

03 / Data Collection

Voltage and current data is collected in real-time. This is displayed for each node across the railway network in NiMs software platform, allowing operators to identify exactly where a fault has occurred.




NiMs Global Pte Ltd (NiMs) is  headquartered in Singapore and has developed power line communication semiconductors, devices and systems that enable the transformation of the AC/DC electricity grid, specifically associated with trams and trains, into “smart” closed looped grids by transferring performance data to a central console and operations centre.  


We believe that creating an IoT platform for electrical railway networks can transform railway maintenance and repair. By leveraging real-time data, operators can reduce costs and minimize the occurence of railway faults that interrupt everyday travel.


NiMs leverages existing electrical networks to communicate data with operations centeres. Modules transfer complex data via ZigBee wireless protocol. This allows for a reduction of energy generation required for operational performance.



Tel: +65 6777 9750

Fax: +65 6778 9005

71 Ayer Rajah Crescent

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Singapore 139951


Meet The Team

Grant Dunham, CEO and Founder

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Grant Dunham, has a 30-year career history highlighted by innovations in heavy vehicle design, manufacturing plant, high voltage transmission, and electric rail. A unique combination of practical hands on experience and theoretical knowledge provide Grant with real world insights to drive innovation.

Warren Buntine FCPA, Chief Financial Officer and VP Marketing

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Warren is a Fellow Certified Practising Accountant and has decades of accumulated experience in complex executive management environments, providing expert and sound commercial business advisory functions.

Prior to NiMs Global, Warren  accumulated 23 years as an Executive Private Client Advisor and a Corporate Consultant within Australia and Asia with a further 7 years of experience with the WA Auditor General in Australia.Warren is also considered a logistics specialist, with 14 years' experience at the "coal face" of road transport in regional Australia.

Henry Nissink, Electronics Engineer

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Henry has over 40 years of engineering experience. Prior to NIMS, he worked at Morson, Phillips, CSIRO and Port Headland BHP R&D. He has also lectured at Hobart TAFE, University of Adelaide and Maritime College. Henry holds an engineering degree from the Queensland Institute of Technology.